Hot runner Systems

Hot Techs Hot runner technologies manufacturers of most reliable, high performance Hot runner systems. Our Hot runner systems are designed and deliver improved part quality, reduce mould maintenance and increased up time for all type injection molding applications. Avoid runners in mould, Increase productivity & Quality, Reduce Cycle time. High performance Hot Sprue Bush are designed to increase overall efficiency, reliability of your molding operations. We deliver measurable result that improve the quality of molding components, increase production output and reduce molding process cost.

Hot runner for Heavy Shot weight components: Molding for Heavy shot weight plastic components required large volume of melt delivery from the machine barrel to cavity. Hot Techs Hot runner technologies’ system for large parts feature Hot runner Manifold, Hot tip Nozzles and special gate opening designed for maximum melt flow that keeps the shearing force in the desired range. Pressure drop is minimized by shear force and melt viscosity inside the various sections of HR manifold channels and Hot tip Nozzles. Hot Sprue Bush (Hot Bush)

Hot runner Systems Product List

  • Hot runner Manifolds
  • Hot Tip Nozzles
  • Hot Sprue Bush
  • Stack Hot runners
  • Multi Tip Nozzles
  • Edge Gate Nozzles
  • Hot runner Heaters & Thermocouples
  • Hot Halves
  • Hot runner Temperature controllers