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Hot Runner Manifold

Hot runner Manifold and Hot tip Nozzles useful for Single cavity and multiple cavity Moulds. High performance Hot runner Manifold systems offer cost efficient & endless possibilities for plastic component molding. Every project is unique customized and well flow balanced to individual cavities.
  1. Uniform Temperature ensures homogenous melt.
  2. Balance melts flow for equal cavity fill.
  3. Optimized flow channels design to fast color change.
  4. Optimized flow channel diameter to decrease melt residence time and melt shear rate.
  5. Melt channels are sized to achieve the characteristics of the plastic materials.
  6. Smooth flow channels protect sensitive resins and additives.
  7. Low melt pressure drop to avoid excessive shears heat.
  8. Easy installation saved mold cost. Minimized steel cut out manifold, retain mould strength.
  9. Optimized design to provide strategic connection to the machine platen.