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        A HTHRT Hot tip Nozzles is ideal for direct gating, small to micro parts ( 1 gm up to 25 gm) and the minimum 20 mm Pitch distance, with thermal gate, for compact multi cavity molds. Thermal gating deliver clean gate marks of 1 mm diameter with zero visibility.
        HTHRT offers a line of nozzles to meet the demands of modern day injection mould technology with a variety of melt channel diameters, nozzle lengths and gate Diameters.
        The different nozzle types, whether as a single nozzle or for multi-tip gating, allow you to realize any number of applications. Based on the modular design, individual parts, such as the heating element, sensor, material tube and nozzle tips, can be replaced. This offers great advantages when performing repairs and maintenance work (time savings, lower repair costs, less downtime).
        The HTHRTS standard hot runner nozzles with their outstanding thermal separation afforded by the two-component shaft. This will ensure excellent insulation in the front shaft area and thus very little heat loss between the hot runner nozzle and the cavity. These nozzles are suitable for processing of heat sensitive materials, technical plastics, and high temperature polymers. With filled materials, such as glass fibres , wear-resistant heat conductor tips provide the best possible protection against mechanical and chemical attack. Standard hot runner nozzles are available in the CAD database.